How to use our feed for fish

How to use our feed for fish - The only one with only BSF flour as unique source of noble proteins

To make the best use of our foods, it is first of all necessary to evaluate the size and age (to be understood as the stage of growth) of your fish. Below, an exhaustive guideline for making the best use of our products.

Feed4Fish Basic-Feed: our Basic feed (containing 40% protein), thanks to its size (1.8 mm) is suitable for all medium/medium-large sized aquarium fish. It can be used as a basic food for all community aquariums hosting the most common tropical aquarium fish (angel fish, three spot gourami, dwarf gourami, all adult size mollies, etc.) but not only. Basic-Feed, thanks to the presence of vegetable proteins inside it, is also suitable for most African cichlids.

Feed4Fish Betta-Feed: its particle size (0.9 mm) makes it perfect for the complete feeding of adult Siamese fighting fish. Furthermore, just like all our other foods, the noble protein sources (45% protein) come exclusively from Black Soldier Fly flour, to better respect not only the environment, but also its natural diet consisting mainly of insects.

Feed4Fish Micro-Feed: with a 0.45 mm granule, Micro-Feed is perfect for all small tropical fish very common in aquariums. It is a perfect feed for all small characins, such as, for example, neon fish, neon cardinal fish, all fish of the genus Hyphessobrycon and rummy nose fish. With 40% noble protein content, it is ideal for complete feeding of all these small fish

Feed4Fish Goldfish-Feed: this feed, with its 38% protein percentage and its 1.8 mm granules, is perfect for feeding classic goldfish and all medium/medium large sized orandas. Being semi sinking, it contributes to the right mode of food intake for these fish, helping to prevent the formation of dangerous air bubbles inside the stomach of the orandas. Furthermore, a high percentage of Spirulina algae facilitates the processes of digestion and absorption, keeping the fish in perfect health.

Feed4Fish Juvenile-Feed: very often it is difficult to find a complete feed for growing fish. Juvenile-Feed is perfect for all aquarium fish from 0.5 cm up to 2.00 cm. 40% proteins and the presence of probiotics complete this feed suitable for the targeted growth of fry

Feed4Fish Fry-Feed: simple feed suitable for fry breeding. Made with pure Black Soldier Fly meal, this powdered food is capable of being eaten by the fry of most aquarium fish. The 60% protein content aids in rapid, healthy growth and the distinctive smell of Black Soldier Fly meal helps feed even the fussiest fry